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Make Your Day

The Make Your Day Count Program exists to provide a consistent campus management system for all classes. It demonstrates that teachers hold high expectations for all students and is a cooperative citizenship program, not merely a discipline plan.

Make Your Day Count centers on one rule: No one has the right to interfere with the safety or learning of others.

The program encourages students to take responsibility for their own actions. Emphasis is placed on the importance of each student working to his/her own ability level. The program allows all students to make mistakes without cumulative, punitive action. It provides time for thought and direction. Effort is expected and rewarded, and there is frequent positive feedback. The program allows students to make decisions that develop critical thinking skills. Students are taught school-wide appropriate behaviors, and students are expected to understand and correct inappropriate behaviors. The foundation of Make Your Day Count is that all students are capable of success and that making appropriate choices at school will generate student success.