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All Things EQ

Since I.Q. alone does not make successful children and adults; Wildfire will also provide opportunities to practice communication and leadership skills (Emotional Quotient or E.Q.) for students.

We will be implementing All Things E.Q. (ATEQ) because their insights support rather than interfere with academic instruction. A four-year comparative study was done to determine the effect of All Things E.Q. You may read about the study here.

All Things E.Q.

All Things E.Q. Study

All Things E.Q. encourages critical thinking and focuses on four questions:

1. Am I being kind and helpful in this moment?

2. Am I using positive self-talk?

3. Am I making an honest effort?

4. Am I focusing on solutions instead of problems?

Each week students are introduced to different skills. For example, our students will learn and

practice how to work through confusion, learn from mistakes, listen with understanding, and be kind to one another and themselves.

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